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There is no better way to get across complex information than through a medical animation or illustration. As humans, we are hard-wired to learn visually, and scientific animations tap into this core instinct. Rather than bombarding your audience with data that they may find difficult to understand, an illustration or biomedical animation will make things clear and concise. This makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of different purposes, including:

Consumer information

Medical animations are an excellent way of visualizing the mechanism of action of pharmaceuticals, to ensure that your audience has a full understanding of how your products work. What’s more, biomedical animations can also be used to explain medical procedures such as surgeries. Not only are these medical animations an excellent educational tool, but they are also useful as a way for doctors to explain such procedures to patients, to reassure them about their treatment.

Press Releases

A scientific illustration or animation makes information much easier to digest, making them the perfect fit for press releases where you need to ensure your audience understands what you are saying. Not only that, but an illustration is also much more attractive to the eye than a mere block of text. Readers might switch off when presented with a large chunk of written information, but an illustration will make them more likely to pay attention- thereby making your press release much more effective.

Science outreach

When you have made a significant scientific achievement, you will naturally want to spread the word to as many people as possible. In particular, universities and other scientific institutions need to keep the public informed of their achievements, to maintain a high profile and attract additional funding for future projects. However, it’s important to recognize that only relatively few people will have the knowledge and expertise to fully understand what you have achieved- and that’s where a scientific illustration or animation comes in. A scientific animation will provide a big boost to your science outreach efforts.

Excite investors

Scientific and medical companies depend on investment to keep going, meaning it’s vital that you are able to grab the attention of investors. You’ll want your new product or procedure to be as attractive a prospect as possible. A stunning 3D animation is an excellent way of grabbing the attention of investors, and helping them get to grips with just what they are investing in. By being able to demonstrate exactly how your product or mechanism of action works, you’ll have a much better chance of attracting the investment you need.


Our medical animations and scientific illustrations are all about helping people to better understand your innovations. So what better way of showing you how we work than by letting you take a look at some of our previous work? The video below demonstrates just a few of the countless different styles that we can produce. We’ve already worked with numerous clients to produce stunning animations that provide real results- here’s a glimpse into what we have to offer:

About us

What is "Ribosome Studio"?
A Symbol for our Medical Animation Company

The Ribosome is a molecular machine that can be found in every living cell. It’s able to synthesize a protein according to the instructions stored in an RNA molecule, using a process called translation. We named our studio after it because at Ribosome Studio, our aim is “translation” as well. We take your scientific and medical discoveries and developments, and translate them into a beautiful medical animation, an impressive scientific illustration, or a stunning mechanism of action movie. With our help, you’ll easily be able to get concepts across to a wider audience in a clear and concise way. We have a real passion for science, particularly the medical industry. There are so many innovations being developed every single day, and we want to do our bit to continue to inspire that innovation, and show the world just how far medicine has come in the last few years. Our illustrations and animations really help to get across that sense of wonder that comes with new discoveries. They take science and medicine from being endless streams of data and figures, and transform them into something beautiful- an artistic accomplishment which does justice to the incredible achievements of your scientific team.

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At Ribosome Studio, we work closely with all our clients to ensure that our biomedical animations and illustrations suit your requirements perfectly. We don’t only have a great deal of experience in creating these specialized animations, but we also have a firm grasp of numerous scientific and medical concepts, such as mechanism of action. This means we’re able to create fantastic medical animations and illustrations which are not only easy to understand in layman’s terms, but also stay true to the science behind them.


The cost of a medical 3D animation is probabely the best kept secret in the world. Well, except here. We are proud to offer our customers top animations at a reasonable price.

Simple 3D Animation

Simple, yet still highly impressive



Advanced Animation

Molecules never looked that good!



Complex Animation

Magnificent animations for truly great innovations



About the pricing

Please note that the prices listed here are merely estimates, to give you a rough idea of how much each of our medical animation packages typically cost. The actual price will depend on various different factors, such as the length of the animation, its complexity and art style, and your required deadline. However, we will be happy to discuss your project further, and provide you with a more accurate quote. Simply get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information, or to arrange a free consultation session. Just let us know what you need- we are always here to help bring your ideas to life with a great medical animation!

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